Thursday, July 25, 2013

Creamy Guacamole

I like my guacamole really creamy, but you don't
have to mash it or stir it as much if you want
more texture.

You can use it on the standard chips or pitas,
or place on top of burritos or tacos, make
sandwiches with it as a spread, or place
it on a salad.


1 large ripe avocado
(dark and 'gives' a little when
you squeeze it)

peel your avocado and dice it into
cubes in a bowl.
Be sure and get all slivers of the
peel and the pit off as they do
'shatter' easily.

You can use a food processor, but I prefer
manual mashing.

Put a squirt (1 tbsp) of lemon juice,
several dashes of hot sauce/Tabasco sauce,
1 teaspoon minced garlic,
1 teaspoon sea salt,
2 large spoons of salsa,
1 large spoon of mayonnaise,
1 large spoon of sour cream
(dip these by small amounts first until
you see what the consistency will end up as;
you can always add more!)
1 teaspoon black pepper,
1 dash of paprika
1/3 cup diced fresh tomato

I use the salsa because it gives
a little kick and has tomato, onion,
garlic already mixed!
You can just use fresh of all the above if you
don't have salsa handy.

Just mash and stir your
ingredients together until
the consistency is as creamy as
you want. Make your dish at least an hour
ahead of time so it can marinate.

If any liquid separates on top,
just drain it off or stir it in.

So delicious you'll eat it plain!