Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cornbread Salad

Take leftover Jiffy cornbread, chilled, and crumble up in a bowl.

Depending on how many pieces you have left over, you'll
adjust the amount of your other ingredients. I just do it to
taste and eyeball it anyway, so....

You want to put a couple of spoons of mayonnaise, just enough
to wet the cornbread. (I prefer Hellman's, Saur's, or Blue Plate,
but everyone's tastes on mayo are different, so use what you will.
However, using a different brand will alter the dish's taste, so be

You can dress up your dish decoratively by adding tomato
slices or sliced grapes, etc on top!
This is one of those recipes that can be altered depending on
'what's available' at the time. Substitutions are encouraged.

After you moisten your base with the mayo, I add a little hot
sauce (to taste,) and; (I add about equal amounts of all my add-ins;)
-chopped onion
-chopped bell pepper
-chunk or shredded pineapple
-diced tomatoes

Add about a tablespoon or so of juice from the canned pineapple (or fresh)

Add a teaspoon of each of the following:
-black pepper
-garlic powder (or minced garlic)
-sea salt

Mix thoroughly and be sure and let it set in the refrigerator for
an hour or two to meld and marinate.

As for substitutions, some that I have used are:
-seedless grapes
-shredded carrot
-chopped celery
-chopped nuts
-crisp corn kernels

Whatever combination sounds good to you so long as you have
an appropriate mix of sweet, tangy, soft, crunchy, etc.

How creamy or how dry you make your salad with the mayo can
be easily adding less at first, and more as needed once you see
what it looks like blended.


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